SMTP configurations

If you do not make any settings, emails sent from GEM-CAR will come from a generic address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The recipients of your emails will not be able to reply to you.

Note: Your ISP (the one you ask to change a password or create a new box) can help you set it up.

First method: define a global email address for all types of mailings from all human resources

You can configure a default e-mail address in the general system settings if you want all mailings of the same type (e.g. invoices) to be sent to the same address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). To do this, go to Communications Configurations Configurations.

The configuration window will open, from where you can click on the +New icon. 

Note: It is worth it to configue All mails because it will also replace the no-reply notifications.

Note: If the are more than one account with the All mails selected, only he first one to appear in the list will be considered.

A window will show up on screen from where you can filll in the fields. For the email type in your SMPT email, for the server simply type in the server code. As for the encryption, both TLS and SSL are encryption protocols that secure SMTP communication. TLS is the more contemporary and secure option, while SSL is considered outdated due to known vulnerabilities in its earlier versions. For secure email transmission, it's recommended to use SMTP over TLS (STARTTLS) rather than SMTP over SSL. The default port for SMTP is normally port 25. Just type your SMPT credentials under username and password.

Option 2: define a personalized email address for each human resource

To do so, access the record of a human resource, yours for example, and go to the Email tab. The answers will be given to you either by your Internet service provider or by your host.

The IMAP section is optional but very useful for the Marketing tab, section "Emails exchanged with this client".

Here are some tips to help you configure the most popular services, but do not hesitate to contact your computer technician who will be able to help you quickly.

Google Gmail

In the case of Google Gmail, you will first need to create an application password. That password looks like this, imut uzdp ugpc xpuj and it is the one you will use in the configuration and not your password that allows you to log into your Gmail account.

Here are the configurations for Gmail:

For Hotmail, here are the configurations.

For Outlookhere are the configurations.

For Outlook 365, hosted at GoDaddy you need to enable SMTP authentication. Then, here are the configurations in step 8 in the blue box.

For Outlook 365, you will need to specify an application password

For iCloud / /, here are the configurations. You will need a password from an application like Gmail.

For iCloud / / mac.comhere are the settings. You will need an application password like Gmail.



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