Basic Concepts

Using the code field for the customer, the supplier, the product, the service, the human resources and other records

Unique codes for identification Across various entities in GEM-CAR, such as customers, suppliers, human resources, and products, you'll encounter a field labeled Code. This is a mandatory alphanumeric identifier that helps you quickly identify specific records. For those new to…
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How to import a chart of accounts

Please note: If you are importing your data from Sage 50 or Acomba software, please contact a member of our team. We have a tool that imports your data automatically. Before you start, make sure you do not have any…
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Configure a sale to pay for commissions to a seller

Before you can add commissions to your sellers, make sure you have completed the configuration demonstrated in the following FAQ: Configure the application to pay commissions to your sellers When you create sales, commissions which will be applied to these…
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Electronic signature of a document

Compatible document types You can request a digital signature on a document that has been generated by GEM-CAR or that you have uploaded to GEM-CAR. The document must be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.DOCX) format. A digital signature-enabled document…
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How do you calculate a profit margin

The profit margin is the profit made based on the selling price of an item. For example, for a garage that: has sales of one million dollars, has a profit of one hundred thousand dollars, we would say it has…
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Move appointments to a different bay or different time

From the Point of sale, it is possible to quickly move appointments in your calendar. Open up your Calendar using F9 or the icon at the bottom left of the screen. Your calendar will open up on screen, left click…
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Customize your invoices, estimates, etc., adding text

It is possible to modify your invoices, quotes, purchase orders or other documents to add additional information. For example, you could want to inform your customers about payment terms, about an upcoming change in your organization's policies or others. 1)…
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10 tips and tricks to improve your financial condition

GEM-CAR offers you 10 tips & tricks to improve your financial condition. “They say a company will go bankrupt when it runs out of cash. So protect your cash flow in tough times: cash is king! Tip 1 Improve your…
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Finding an estimate using the recently opened tool

From the Point of sale, any recently opened estimates can be easily retrieved. Click on the recently opened sales tab on the to right side of your screen. From this page, all of your most recent documentation will show up.…
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The History tab (Log)

The History (Log) tab is a tab that you will find in several records of your GEM-CAR database, notably in the Client's record, the Human Resources record, the Products & Services record, the Price List record, and many others. It…
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Retrieve a deactivated record

Inactive or deactivated, records are hidden from the lists. To make them visible, click on Clients > Clients and click on the blue list icon in the upper right corner. From the first drop-down menu entitled Status, you can use:…
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Customize the columns displayed in the lists

The configuration explained in this article is visible when you are in the list, by clicking on the red gear button at the top of the window. In the left menu, click on Configurations > Configurations and under the Customization …
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Purpose of the active or inactive field of a record

In order to preserve the integrity of the history of your transactions and entries, the platform intentionally does not offer the possibility of deleting any record. All the records created are saved in the database and will remain there as…
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Tax report: method based on non-automated GL (with manual calculation)

With GEM-CAR, you can create a tax report based on non-automated GL. This is a second report option, but with a manual calculation. To do this, go to the menu on the left, click on Accounting > Reports > Account…
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Delete a customer/resource/employee/supplier

You cannot delete a customer/resource/employee/supplier but you can inactivate it. Other article on the subject: Purpose of the Active or Inactive field of a record
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What profit margin should I expect on parts sales

Considering that some parts come from dealers and are sold at a lower margin, the workshop should aim for a minimum average margin of 30% to 36% overall. To cover ever-increasing costs (training, equipment, taxes, rent), a workshop needs to…
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Make an appointment based on traffic level at the garage

Making appointments based on traffic levels at the garage is important for several reasons, as it helps to optimize operations, enhancing the customer experience, and improving the overall efficiency. Here are some key reasons why considering traffic levels is beneficial:…
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Reset your password

To reset your password, click on the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the login window On the next screen, enter your user ID and email address. If you no longer have your user code, click on the…
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How to access the tutorials and help

To access the system tutorials, there are two options: Click on the first icon next to the system language at the top right of the page. 2. In the left menu, click Help .
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Update your GEM-CAR

Connect to the company Logiciel Actif or V2V Technologies Inc (the data is the same). From the left main Menu, click on GEM-DATA > Update. You will then find the list of documentation for the latest updates. This is where…
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