Subscription to GEM-CAR Additional Modules

Add or subscribe to modules

In addition to the core modules, most businesses will need a subscription to one or more add-on modules such as bookkeeping, accounting and payroll. Here is how to customize your work experience by adding each of the add-on modules you…
20 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Subscription at $0 with payment method receivable

To subscribe a client at $0 value product and a receivable payment method, there are two settings to be made. Click on Clients > Clients > +New or click on the desired client. In the Terms tab, find the Payment…
19 viewsPosted 5 days agoby Bianca da Silveira De Amorim

Enter or modify the credit card number to pay the subscription

Whether it's to start your subscription at the end of your trial period or to change the credit card on the account, make sure you log in with the super-administrator account. Click on the avatar menu on the top right…
18 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

How do I cancel my subscription

GEM-CAR makes it easy for you to cancel your subscription. Click in the top right corner, next to the garage and user name, and open the Managing your account option. In the next window, select the Add-on tab. You can…
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