Glass Repair or Replacement

Replace or install glasses with insurance without the insurance module

To easily manage windshield and glass replacements and installations with insurance, we suggest creating a bundle. This way, when you add together estimates, the required products are all added at the same time. In addition, all the information to be…
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Use the insurance module for a claim or for windshield/glass repair/replacement

Before you begin, you must: Go to Managing your account > Add-ons and activate the free trial for the GEM-CAR insurance module. Create the insurance company as a client. Create a new category of type “Insurance” 1. Add the insurance…
16 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Deductible management and insurance invoicing

From the Point of Sale, complete the estimate with the required work and parts. Add the Insurance Record product. For more information on how to create the Insurance Record product (it may have a different name), see Use the Insurance…
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