Reverse an invoice - Sales tab

We present here the second option for finding the reversal invoice. 1. In the Sales tab In the menu on the left, click on Sales > Sales to display the Sales list. To reverse an invoice, start from the invoice…
20 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Bianca da Silveira De Amorim

View and pay commissions

Before viewing commissions, you must first apply them to sales. See the following FAQ: Configure a sale to pay for commissions to a seller In order to view commissions in the system, go to the following menu: Sales > Commissions.…
19 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Configuration of deposit settings

In order to start using the deposit features, some configurations need to be turned on. Click on the Sales > Configurations > Configurations. Click on the blue magnifying glass under "Product used for deposits and progressive". Find deposit and click…
18 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Sending invoices and payments directly from the Point of Sale to Accounting

You can configure your GEM-CAR system to make it easier to send data to the accounting department. To do this, click on Sales > Configurations > Configurations. In the Sales tab, look for the option "Directly send invoices and payments…
17 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

What causes your sales report statistics to go up or down

There are several factors that influence your sales reports: Reason: #1 strong profitability on parts A coin entered with a cost of $0. To help you see these errors, in the Point of sale, the background around the price is…
16 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Modify taxation rules for one item on a sale and add a note

Il arrive parfois dans une vente qu' un ou plusieurs items soient assujettis à un niveau de taxation différent des autres items ou alors pour lesquels vous souhaitez faire apparaître une note particulière sur les documents imprimés. Dans cet article,…
13 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Reservation of items within the inventory

To make a reservation of items within the inventory, follow the steps below. From the left main Menu, click on Sales > Configurations > Point of sale work steps and choose a step like Work Order. Click on the Options …
12 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Charge taxes according to branch or customer address

By default, GEM-CAR will charge your customer's taxes, not those of your branch. But there is a way to configure it to facilitate this procedure. Click on Sales > Configurations > Configurations. In the next window, find and check the…
12 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Display hourly rate on invoices

To display the shop hourly rate on invoices in GEM-CAR, follow these steps: On the left menu, click on Sales > Configurations > Configurations. Scroll down and check the box Show hourly rate on invoices. Click on Save.
12 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Global payment - Transactions refused for unauthorized service from your IP address

All payment processor errors can be found in the Log tabs of the relevant customer and sales records. Click on the transaction that has an error (marked in red) under Payment History to get more details on the causes of…
12 viewsPosted 3 weeks agoby Nadine Toutant

Duplicate a sale

Several elements can be duplicated. In GEM-CAR, there are two ways to duplicate a sale: in the Sales tab and in the Point of Sale. From the left menu, select the Sales tab. In the sale you want to duplicate,…
11 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Olivier Brunel

Deleting estimates

From the main menu on the left side of the application, click on Sales > Sales > Garbage Bin (bouton) next to the estimate you want to delete from the list of estimates displayed. If the Garbage Bin is not…
11 viewsPosted 1 month agoby Nadine Toutant

End of day report - send it by e-mail in XLS format

End of day report sent via email in XLS format is a comprehensive summary of the day's activities. By using an XLS format, the report ensures data is organized in a structured, easy-to-read manner with the capability for further analysis…
3 viewsPosted 6 days agoby Bianca da Silveira De Amorim

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